Thursday, February 21, 2013


Life always comes to an end,
there is no need to be depressed.
If submission is the condition of my life.
I have no need of this life.
In slavery it can rain showers of gold,
but all I have to say to the sky is,
there is no need of such rain.

Pic: By Deviant Art

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Take my hand, And look at me.
What you see, Cant you feel?
I remember the days,
When you were all I had, And I was all that you cared.
I remember the days,
Of goodnight stories, and of no worries.

Daddy’s little girl I was proud to be,
All such lovely memories, shared by you and me.
Now lost forever, into the endless eternity.
When did I become a burden,
That you could not bear?
When did you become a notion,
That brought me despair?
I know not, when it came,
But felt all the same.
Those days that brought unbearable tears.
And plunged our relationship into a vacuum of fear.
It withered so soon,
like a flower in the heat of noon.
So take my hand and look at me.
What you see is what is you left us to be.

Pic by deviantart

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


is a simple word,
that brings much toll.
most people associate it as good,
others as bad.
And a few, 
as the inevitable,
that they cannot escape or evade.
but its a sure fact of life,
whether we are burdened by it,
or set free.
With each change,
we walk a path of endless possibilities.
but often we let our past,
and our love for the present,
block the path.
We are driven by our desire, 
to hold on to what is familiar,
because what is familiar brings us the comfort,
and in the comfort lies our effort.
And in doing so we chain ourselves, 
to the prison of comfort that drives us.

Pic by Deviantart.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I can tell the world its a mistake,
a one time thing I fear not, nor regret.
But the truth is like the shadow that follows me,
dark and brooding but gleaming who I am.
Yes it was a mistake.
A fault that I will spend all my life, 
remembering in detail.
If given a chance,
to go back or rewind.
I would have put right that decision,
that ruined my life.
Who knows when you look at someone,
the pain they bury,
the weight they carry.
Its a facade, this world,
that has crushed my insides.
I smile, but I scream.
I laugh but I cry.
No matter how much I try,
i cant stop the buzzing in my ear.
the feeling that arises,
when i lay awake all night.
You are my regret,
my never ending guilt.
And that is the truth,
that I cant put right.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


She sat beneath the stars,
her voice drowned by the infinte emptiness.
She held out her hand in her prayers,
only to find the empty space above her.
Her isolation meant loneliness,
Her imperfection meant desperation.
Did she deserve the pain of her past?
Or the sorrows of her present?
Did she deserve to cry herself to sleep,
in hope of seeing something different.
Recounting her entire life in her head, 
her eyes failed hide the days that seared her.
The pain. . .
The humiliation. . . .
The torture. . . 
They said she was deluded,
and she wondered why?
Wasnt everyone everynow and then little bit insane.
How many people make peace with their reality?
And how many of us actually keep in the corner of our mind,
the hopes and dreams we had cherished.
How many of us look at things the way they are,
and want it to change?
She looked up at the stars again,
so are we all deluded then?

Pic by Purgatoric life - Deviant Art

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Holding my breath I recollect,
all the times and moments in my head.
You came into my life like another person,
of no significance or importance.
I delude myself not,
with signs and lies of jingle bells.
You and I were strangers,
who walked down the hallways,
with nothing but our interest to unite us.
You were the calm, the collected,
the smart and the caring,
I was the hyper, the impulsive,
the loud and the daring.
It has taken us years to understand,
and we have become two people lost in eachother,
oblivious to the passing world.
I saw the beauty in the deep brown,
and the worry in the grey.
And yet I cant keep away.
You held my hand and guided me,
through a path of shattered dreams and broken promises.
Your words were like sunshine, in a rainy day.
A relief and a hope to keep my fears at bay.
Your glances were like the sweet scent of meadow,
fresh and breath taking.
soothing away the pain and the tears.
And yet today I watched you walk away.
For it is you who taught me,
that love comes in different faces.
Unexpressed words,
Unshed tears,
Stifled smiles, 
Unconditional trust,
A complete ecstasy, 
and brutal devastations.
And I am content, 
for this Love is 
you and me.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010


You walk around,
with a purpose in mind.
You walk around,
ready to fight for life.
I admire your strength,
I admire your courage.
You are more than a soldier,
a protector, defender.
For, before I met you,
I believed patriotism to be overrated,
a deceitful concept, unadulterated.
Loyalty to be a trait lost,
fallen into the abyss of history.
Yet you opened my mind,
and my heart.
With your wilful bravery,
and heartfelt slavery,
to your nation and your people.
Though some believe you to be a fool,
the truth is that they have no clue.
So let not their thoughts,
cloud your heart.
For your heart is a treasure,
that one cannot break or measure.
And though the world,
might take its ugly turn.
You will still find me here,
refusing to let my hopes burn.
I would still admire,
Your strength, your courage.
For I know, i can still find you here,
a soldier against the world.